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We will teach you fast, simple and elegant touch-typing in many languages — Shahidjanyan V.

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Your ten fingers will easily find the proper keys and eyes won't look at the keyboard — Shahidjanyan V.

Save your time, eyesight and

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Ten-finger touch typing is the most useful computer related skill for a modern person — Shahidjanyan V.

You will be able to concentrate on what you are typing, not how you do that. This will ease you brainwork.

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Increase your employees' productivity in 5-6 times

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Touch Typing Trainer

SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor

Course designed by Vladimir Shahidzhanyan will help you to learn ten-finger touch typing.


Within 40 study hours you will acquire the skill for life


Touch typing course consists of 100 lessons with psychological workshops


Upon completion of the study course typing speed will increase in 5 times


SOLO provides software suitable for any PC worldwide

What do you need the touch typing tutor for?

  • Time saving

    One page typing takes you just 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes

  • Health benefits

    No more need to shift gaze from keyboard to monitor

  • Consideration increase

    While typing texts mistakes will decrease by 40%

Study features

Touch type at 7 languages

Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Ukrainian

Study on your own

You don’t need a teacher to learn touch typing

Dominate the numerals

Touch type at additional numeric keypad

Study Courses

Russian course

Basic "SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor" teaches ten-finger typing (touch typing) technique in Russian for any level of proficiency (from beginners to those fast typers who make errors and look at the keyboard).

  • 2 377 Completed
  • 54 005 Typing
  • 40 h Duration

English course

The course teaches ten-finger touch typing in English. Explanations are available either in Russian or in English (optional). The language level doesn't matter. Even masters of English can get new knowledge during the course.

  • 795 Completed
  • 9 187 Typing
  • 40 h Duration

Numpad course

In three hours you can learn numerals typing without looking at the keyboard. The overall time spent is not significant while the benefit is vast. Especially for those who spend a lot of time working with numbers. The course can be taken in Russian or in English.

  • 652 Completed
  • 3 655 Typing
  • 3 h Duration

Ukrainian course

It considerably repeats the Russian course but the layout and all the words and phrases are in Ukrainian. If it is your native language, then it is worth learning it right here.

  • 54 Completed
  • 1 843 Typing
  • 40 h Duration

German course

Ten-finger touch typing course in German. Both typing and explanatory material are entirely in German. Texts contain letter ß.

  • 36 Completed
  • 425 Typing
  • 40 h Duration

French course

Ten-finger touch typing course in French. Explanations are available either in Russian or in French (optional). The course helps to deepen your knowledge of French and improve your vocabulary.

  • 33 Completed
  • 209 Typing
  • 40 h Duration

Italian course

Ten-finger typing technique in Italian. Both typing and comments are in Italian.

  • 19 Completed
  • 101 Typing
  • 40 h Duration

Spanish course

Ten-finger typing (touch typing) course in Spanish. Explanatory material is in Spanish. Mastering the course, you can broaden the knowledge of Spanish and extend your vocabulary.

  • 13 Completed
  • 113 Typing
  • 40 h Duration

British English course

The course teaches ten-finger touch typing in British English. The course is designed for British (UK) keyboard layout. The language level doesn't matter. Even masters of English can get new knowledge during the course.

  • 34 Completed
  • 317 Typing
  • 40 h Duration

Course Price

2 days

Two days are enough to make the program familiar to you and to learn basic options.

100 RUB

The subscription is valid till 26/02/2018

1 week

One week is enough to complete one SOLO Touch typing course if you learn full time.

150 RUB

The subscription is valid till 03/03/2018

1 month

One month is enough to complete one SOLO Touch typing course if you learn hard no more than two hours per day.

400 RUB

The subscription is valid till 26/03/2018

3 months

Three months are enough to complete 2-3 SOLO Touch Typing Courses practicing not less than 2 hours per day.

900 RUB

The subscription is valid till 25/05/2018

6 months

Six months are enough to complete 2-3 SOLO Touch typing courses if you learn 2 days per week.

1 200 RUB

The subscription is valid till 23/08/2018

1 year

One year is enough to complete several SOLO Touch typing courses, develop typing skills and speed till 80 words per minute.

1 600 RUB

The subscription is valid till 24/02/2019


Access to SOLO Touch typing tutor is available without any timing constraints.

3 000 RUB

Subscription will be valid unlimited period

We accept:

Why do people choose exactly our touch typing tutor?


You can study on-line at any PC worldwide


Each study step results in benefits: success depends on trainee perseverance and motivation


Simple and nice interface of the training tutor encourages to complete the study course in a positive manner


Just in two weeks you will learn ten-finger touch typing

Our community

We are not just a training program,
we are a community of kind, professional, sincere and cooperative individuals

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